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How awesome would it be if we could just identify our good habits and work on maintaining them for years to come? It would transform our lives! Isn’t it? Similarly, how tremendous would it be to get rid of the bad ones! We have been complaining and repenting and crying over them for eternity now. Let me help you with this. Mentioned below are some steps that would definitely help you in this transformation-

  • Start with choosing one habit that you really really want to add to your life. It can be anything like waking up at 6 am, or working out for one hour daily, or drinking honey & lemon in warm water on an empty stomach, or anything else that will benefit you in the short/long term.
  • Similarly, choose one bad habit that you desperately want to drop. One behaviour / habit that is biting you & holding you back. Anything like drinking too much coffee, or checking Facebook / Instagram more than once or twice a day, or sleeping for more than 7 hours a day, which is affecting your productivity or health or both.
  • Define these habits and choose clear boundaries. For instance, don’t choose being more physically fit as your good habit or sleeping till late as a bad one. There is no clear meaning to these. They come out to be vague.
  • Be specific. Choose a good habit like working out for 1 hour daily and a bad habit like waking up at 6:00 am. These are specific, have clear boundaries and are easy to measure their progress. Either you work out for 1 hour or you don’t work out at all. Either you wake up at 6:00 am or you don’t. There are no grey areas in it. Its’ clear. It is either a success or a failure. Remember, 6:00 am means 6:00 am. Even 6:01 am would be a failure.
  • Try to choose related habits. There are habits which are inter-linked to each other. For example, not drinking coffee and drinking 8 glasses of water are linked. You eliminate one and you replace it with another. This makes this process of transformation a little bit easier.
  • Stick to this routine for one month. Call it a trial. If you don’t see any betterment, you can give it up. If you like it, you can work on more of your good/bad habits in a similar way. Undoubtedly, this is going to add value to your life.

I would like to conclude with this prose I wrote:

It’s time when we start working on our habits,

The transformation process isn’t automatic.

Choose the habit you don’t like at all,

Also, the ones that you adore.

Because, time will never be ripe,

NOW – is the time to change what’s not your type.

So, go ahead. Make your choices, now!


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