Excuses are rationalizations we make to ourselves about people, events, and circumstances.  Excuses are mainly a means of placing the blame of an internal problem on an external condition. They can hold us back and leave us in a cycle of procrastination. They are that inner voice within that tells us we’re not good enough, capable enough — the list of inadequacy goes on. There are many reasons why people make excuses. In fact, everyone has a variety of reasons for making them.

However, we mostly make excuses for the following key reasons:

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Embarrassment
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of Uncertainty
  • Fear of Responsibility
  • Fear of Making Mistakes

So here are some ways to stop making excuses:

  • Make a list of your fears.

Do you let your fears run the show? Do they keep you in a cycle of excuse after excuse? Write them all down today. Create a list. Look at the fears and read them aloud to yourself. Seeing them on paper diminishes their value.

  • Write down what you’re doing in response to these fears.

After writing down each of your fears, write down what you are doing in response to each of these fears. Know that you cannot fail; by showing up and being the best version of yourself, you have not failed. The mind can play tricks on you, making you live in response to your fears.

  • Decide on five concrete goals.

Put these five goals on paper. Look at them.  Start to believe you can make them become a part of your life. For each goal, come up with three action steps to help make them a reality.

  • Create an action plan for yourself.

This is what it all comes down to: ACTION. You can understand something intellectually, but it’s a matter of bringing that down into the heart and taking the steps to make these goals and results your reality.

  • Tell someone about your plan.

Accountability is everything. Knowing that you’re not alone and that someone else is there on the journey with you is empowering. Tell a friend or family member about this plan. Start working with a professional to bring your ideas and visions to life.

  • Truly embrace compassion.

These changes all start with this one word: compassion. Without compassion, you’re stuck in a cycle of fear and excuses. Compassion allows the love to flow through. It allows you to show up, be authentic, and create the life you want for yourself.

·       Take responsibility

When you accept responsibility for your life and, learn to focus on the things which you can control, you will find it very easy to avoid making excuses when things go wrong. You must always accept responsibility for the things you do and the things you fail to do.

·       Focus on what matters

Most excuses occur after the fact i.e. something has to go wrong before you point out that it’s not your responsibility. To do that, you simply need to identify the most important tasks and, focus on completing them.

·       Consider life as a training ground

When you implement what you learn, you achieve much better results. With this attitude, you begin to see failure as an essential part of your education in life.

Learning from your failure makes you stronger.  This is both a way to get a mental edge and an absolute truth.

  • Remember the long term goal

If you were to focus solely on your long term goals, you might feel overwhelmed by the size of the goal and the fact that the deadline is far away. That is why you must break your long term goals down into smaller goals which you can achieve quicker.

·       Expect Challenges

Almost nothing worthwhile in life comes without a fight.  Challenges are an essential part of life which should be embraced, engaged and overcome as they allow you to grow as a person.  Whether you like it or not, you will face challenges along the way so, you might as well avoid making excuses and get on with the job of overcoming them.

So, avoid making excuses and face your challenges head on. You will be more empowered, more confident and more successful.



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