“The greatest amount of time wasted is the time spent in not getting started.”

-Dawson Trotman

The most common problem we suffer each day is undoubtedly – ‘Procrastination’. We laze around on the not-so-motivated days, we delay starting off the big tasks, we delay until the deadline when the mind becomes a pressure cooker! Oftentimes, we regret not getting started earlier. Back in college days, I remember cursing myself for not completing the assignments on time. And promising myself to not let this happen again each time I was trying to complete the assignments in between the lectures and alongside praying to god for saving me from getting caught.

But did I ever complete my assignments on time? NO.

Now that I look back, I realise the three mistakes I used to do. So, in this article I’m going to share those three mistakes and their solutions as well, hoping it would save you!

  1. Overloading the TO-DO list. When we burden ourselves with so many tasks out of over-ambition, we fail to realise that our energy is limited. A lot of things on the plate will not only exhaust the brain but also eat up our energy. By the afternoon, all the energy gets consumed and so is the will to get things done.
  • What to do?

When we create our daily TO-DO list, we should try to keep it minimalistic and should focus on the top 1-3 tasks that have to be done on that day.

Talking realistically, there aren’t more than 3 tasks each day with high priority. All the other peripheral tasks would take place alongside the main tasks. So, focus your time and energy on the most important tasks each day and all else will follow.

  • Not breaking big tasks into smaller do-able tasks.

Taking up big tasks altogether is just not the right to go about them. Big tasks make us want to put bigger efforts into them. The perfectionist in us puts away the big tasks until the ‘perfect time’. While the perfect time never comes, the big tasks remain unaccomplished till eternity.

  • What to do?

Break the tasks into smaller do-able tasks. Smaller tasks don’t look daunting. They can be accomplished in a little time with greater focus. They not only provide us with a sense of accomplishment but also keep us going about that big-task which would have otherwise made us procrastinate. Smaller steps ensure that we keep going. Step-by-step the bigger tasks gets completed!

  • Not setting limits. Not setting limit to the work time or the break time is another blunder that we make. While working on projects for too long would drink up all the energy making us unproductive for the rest of the day, taking breaks for too long would eat up all the time, energy and drift us nearer to the deadline.
  • What to do?

Set limits to everything. Set limit to your working time as well as your break time. Ideal would be to work for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can work for 50 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes. Make sure that you work with full focus in your working time, shutting all the distractions like facebook, whatsapp etc.. After working for the set time, make sure that you relax completely for the break time. This ensures productivity and proper management of time.

We all make these mistakes without realising them. Figure out which one are you victim to and put the solutions to work. Hope they help you like they helped me.


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