5 Enemies of Personal Growth

5 Enemies of Personal Growth

When it come to personal growth, there are certain things that add to your personal growth while some things stop you from self-improvement.

So, in this article, I’m going to share with some enemies of self-improvement that you have to look out for.

  • This is the worst thing you could do to yourself or to anybody else. Comparison not only induces self-doubt but also stops us from performing our best. The only comparison that you should be doing is – Comparison with your OWN self. Try to be a better version of yourself. Your only battle is with your own self. Look back and see how far you have come and aim on being better than how you were the previous day!
  • Challenges

  • Worrying about what others think of you. The greatest fear in the world is of the opinion of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep. You are a lion. If you care about what others think, you are their prisoner. Break free from their prison! It’s not your job to think what others think of you. Also, it is useless to think about what people think of you. Most people don’t even know what they think about themselves. So, chill!
  • Holding onto the past. “Stop pressing rewind on the things that need to be deleted from your life.” Dwelling in the past or trying to take control of the future are two things that steal the peace from your present. You cannot change what has happened in your past. Stop replaying that argument a 1000th time in your mind, thinking about winning it by changing your argument this time. This isn’t going to help! Live in the present. Focus on making it the best. What has happened has happened. Just move on!
  • Following the herd like a sheep. When you follow the crowd like a sheep, you compromise with your own interests and blindly follow what you think is the trend. We follow the crowd because we are afraid of trying newer things, we are afraid of what people will think and we are afraid of the mockery that would be thrown upon us on our failure. Be bold. Say no to conforming to and following the crowd. When the herd is moving in one direction, it might be heading towards shit but the ONE moving in the opposite direction would seem like a fool to everybody. But if you prove yourself and you do what you love, everybody gets their answer. So, give up the herd mentality!
  • Not believing in yourself. Our thoughts are like a steering wheel that steer our life into the desirable direction. Think negatively and life would head towards that. Think positively and all good gets bestowed upon you. If you believe, you can- You definitely will! Trust yourself, have faith in your abilities. There are many others who would doubt your skills and abilities and tell you that you CAN’T. Don’t be the who’s stopping you from being your best. Believe in yourself!


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