Causes of Stress and Problems


All of us are leading a life full of stress and problems. We can’t stop blaming it on our work, our colleagues, our bosses, the deadlines, our family or our unsupportive partners, whatsoever. Ever wondered, what the real reason behind these problems and the resulting stress is? Here I’m, with a short story which worked as an eye-opener for me. Hope it helps you too. Read on.

Once, a group of highly established friends decided to meet one of their professors from the university. So, they all went together one day to meet this professor at his place.

When they met, all of them started to talk about their lives and their work. But soon this talk session turned into a complaining session and everyone started complaining about the stress and problems in their life.

After a while, the professor went into the kitchen to make coffee for them. He returned with a large pot of coffee and a variety of cups made of different material (plastic, glass, porcelain, steel etc.). He placed the coffee pot on the table and asked his students to help themselves with pouring the coffee. After all the students had a cup in their hand, the professor said, “If you all notice, you will see that all the expensive looking cups are taking away by you leaving behind the cheap/plain looking cup s on the table. It is normal for all of you to want the best for yourselves but amidst all of this you are not able to see the source of all your problems and stress.”

He continued, “You all know that the cup itself adds no quality to the taste of the coffee. Still you went for the expensive looking cups and started eyeing each other’s cups.”

What do we learn for this story?

Life is like coffee and all other things like job, money, promotion, position in society are like cups. Job or money is not something that defines our life or change the quality of our life. Still we concentrate only on that and fail to enjoy our lives.

Hence, the reason behind our stress or problems is none other than our own perception towards life. We find happiness in material things. Doing this, we forget to live in the moment. We waste the present working towards a wealthier future. The urge to succeed creates stress, the urge to be better than others creates stress, the urge to create a name in the society is what creates stress.

Not saying that one shouldn’t have a constructive outlook towards life. But compromising with the peace of mind today is not going to make the tomorrow happier. Be happy today and the tomorrow will be happier.

Peace of mind is what matters.


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