How to have right attitude towards life?



Our attitude is what influences all our actions. It is only the right attitude, which gets us good results. All the smiles and hand-shakes are not going to get you far, if you do not have the attitude to help others. It has been said that Opportunity ‘knocks’ at every door. If we utilize it, it leads to success. Otherwise, we just complain about the ‘noise’. When we begin to display a positive attitude at work, we can expect to see benefits.

Some tips which will help us in adopting positive attitude:

  • Accept Responsibilities:

Whether in your job or elsewhere, avoid ‘Passing the Buck’. By accepting any responsibility, you are actually promoting yourself. Accept responsibility, even for something you have done wrong, and try to analyze and rectify it, instead of trying to shrug off the blame.

  • Avoid criticism:

It is very easy to criticize, but difficult to undo the damage due to negative criticism.  Negative criticism always has the effect of making the person justify his wrong action, rather than to remedy the situation. Make the person aware of his draw-backs indirectly, so that he will himself ‘correct’ the fault.

  • Be an Empathic listener:

Seek to understand, what the other person is trying to communicate, with an open mind. Do not try to dominate his talk, or judge him with your own myopic or prejudiced views of the situation.

  • Give honest and sincere appreciation:

This is not to be confused with flattery, which shows up the lack of character of the Flatterer. A Flatterer almost always has an ulterior motive behind his flattery, which is usually only to his own benefit.

  • Don’t get unnecessarily involved in Arguments:

To an Arguer, who is right is more important, than what is right. An argument is an emotional affair. When viewed logically, it is a complete waste of time, as there are no tangible benefits. The only way to get the best out of an argument is to avoid it.

  • Avoid gossip:

This spreads Lies with amazing speed, and can result in irreparable harm to the person concerned. When you betray the trust of someone’s confidential information, you will lose his respect forever. Gossip is the work of idle minds. It is an unnecessary and cowardly victimization of a person.

  • Be grateful for all that you are enjoying:

Be grateful to anyone who does something for you. But don’t expect gratitude, for everything that you do.  Selfless service is what actually satisfies, not the gratitude of the person being helped.

  • Don’t hold Grudges for anyone’s past mistakes:

If you get cheated once, it is shame on the Cheater. Honesty is the best policy. A Liar invariably gets tripped up by his own lies. Don’t hold grudges and don’t let sour experiences stop you from giving other people their fair chance.

  • Always try to maintain your sense of humor:

The ability, to look on the lighter side of things, is what keeps you going, in time of stress. It takes less muscle to smile than to frown. The ‘too serious’ person, who has no time to smile, generates ill-will among his team, which affects the long term performance considerably.



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