If we want to achieve more than we are currently achieving, some things are going to change. We must improve our knowledge, skills and attitudes to allow us to perform to a higher standard. If we want to do more and improve our results, we need a learning plan to ensure that we keep pushing forward.

The following 4 steps are crucial when we are developing an effective learning plan.

  • Know your purpose

The first thing we need to do is to get specific about what we need to learn. There are only a few things in our life which produce the great results that we really want. A common mistake that people make is to focus on their learning to improve their weaknesses. But it may be easier to assign this work to others and instead focus on improving our strengths which will bring much better results. The first step towards this is to know our purpose, what is the underlying theme to our life? How are you going to make the world a little bit better for you having been here? When we take the time to get clear on our purpose, we start to discover what is important.

  • Know your goals

While our purpose gives us the overall theme of our life; our goals are more specific. When we are clear about our goals; we know what we are trying to achieve. Each goal is basically a project and every project should have a project plan. For any reasonable sized project, serious consideration needs to be given to the knowledge. Our goals are the place where we will see the greatest need for training and education.

  • Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis is where we define the knowledge and skills required to perform a job to the highest standard and; we compare that list of requirements to the skills and knowledge possessed by the person in the job. The gap between the requirements and the current situation is the training need.So, after creating our goals, we have identified some required skills which we do not possess. Just because skills are needed to complete a job/goal/project; it does not automatically mean that we should be the one to possess those skills.

  • Identify the right solution

If we are going to spend time, money, energy on learning something new, it is important that we spend a little time to identify the correct learning solution. We don’t want to spend too long and we can usually narrow down our options by getting some good recommendation from friends, colleagues etc. who have already undertaken the training.

We definitely want to consider the following:

  • The trainer’s reputation
  • Any qualifications which will be achieved
  • Any accreditations we will be entitled to
  • The fit between what is offered and what we need to know
  • Whether we will take the training online or in person
  • Costs – don’t’ forget travel, accommodation etc. if the training is in person
  • The level of support offered

There are many other things which we may consider depending on your specific circumstances.

An effective learning plan is a key component of the Excellence Lifestyle.



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