Why do you NeedSomeTime?

As they say, “What you focus on – grows, what you think about – expands and what you dwell upon – determines your destiny!” So, without any hint of doubt, you become whatever you decide to put your attention on.

At NeedSomeTime, we focus on this self-development philosophy and fabricate daily doses of motivation for you to help you stay motivated. We churn out life hacks, stress management mantras, inspirational thoughts and messages, encouraging phrases,effective time management and productivity tips, healthylifestyle hacks and the list goes on. If your motivation is down in dumps then, NeedSomeTimepromises you a good-read that would instil in you,confidence and motivation to go ahead with your day.

NeedSomeTimethus, is like your personal counsellor that not only tries to have a constant motivational conversation with you through its blogs but also knows the importance of leading a happy and productive life. It not only motivates you to become a leader but also helps in coping with the daily stress and supports you in your rough time. The life hacks we share help you in getting to know yourself and your life better and help you focus on what’simportant in the short as well as the long term.

Occasionally, we encourage you to challenge yourself and push your limits because we know howacomfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there and we hope to inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to be a better version of your own selfwithout giving up to the comforts of a conventional life.

It is a selfless act of service to invest our time, energy, and perspectiveinto a piece of writing and then offer it free to anybody who wants to read it. Itcauses you to articulate the life you live and the general viewbehind the decisions that you make. It aims at training your minds to track your life and articulate the changes that you are experiencing.

When we read something motivational or something positive, we have our moments of realization. We aim at helping you have your moments of realizations so that you lead a regret-free life, full of happiness with absolutely no space for stress. When our readersfind inspiration in our writing that’sa wonderful feeling. We hope that It’sa transformative experience that inspires you, motivates you, supports you in every plausible way!

We, at NeedSomeTime,promise to remind you every day that you are extra-ordinary and the only thing stopping you from being your best is, YOU yourself. We promise to push you to never giveup. There’s a difference between quitting something unyielding and not giving up on something thatis close to your heart. We promise to help you stay true to yourself because this is the best thing you could ever do to yourself!

We promise to help you grow and support you in honing your personality!

Here, we put our hand on our heart and promise to be with you in your journey called life, encouraging you, supporting you, guiding you and motivating you in all your future endeavours!